1.Final processing of the base surfaces (front and rear surfaces)

Grey polished
Black polished
Red polished
Grey Grinded 1000
Black Grinded 1000
Red Grinded 1000
Grey Flammed
Black Flammed
Red Flammed
Grey Bushhammerd
Black Bushhummerd
Red Bushhammerd
Grey Sandblasted
Black Sandblasted
Red Sandblasted
Grey Natural Split
Black Naturalsplit
Red Natural Split

2.Final processing of the sides of products

1. Polished side
Polished side
2. Bushhummered side
Bushhummered side21
3. Flammed side
Flammed side
4. Natural split side
Natural split side
5. Natural Split Border 10x35
Natural Split Border 10x35
6. Natural split border 10x25
Natural split border 5x25
7. Natural Split Border 10x25
Natural Split Border 10x25
8. Cutted and Polished border 5x15
Cutted and Polished border 5x15
9. Special Shape Border
Special Shape Border


In addition, we have got the engraving shop so we may easily complete any order. The conditions of work with our design department are specified in every separate case as each client has his own special desires concerning the design, selection of fonts, drawings, processing depth, etc. No wonder, we are trying to create a particularly tailored catalogue for every client.


samples Bohus red 4mm depth raised image bushhamm samples Korpi black 2mm depth raised image samples Kuru grey bush hammered 8mm depth
Bohus red 4mm depth raised image + bushhammered Korpi black 2mm depth raised image Sweden black 3D image
IMG 6970  samples Kuru grey 2mm depthgold 24 carat  samples Sweden black 3D image
 Korpi black 2mm depth gold 24 carat  Kuru grey 2mm depth gold 24 carat  Sweden black 3D image