Geos Nordic is a large industrial company, which owns the Granite and Concrete Plants. Geos Nordic has been operating in the Baltic market since the year of 2004. In 2012, the company started to expand into the Northern market.

About us

Manufacture of monuments of any complexity

Manufacture of monuments of any complexity

For many years, Geos Nordic has been continuously working with Finnish and Swedish workshops that manufacture and sell monuments. Currently, we are capable to realize almost every kind of granite processing.


It is easy to work with us!

We give a 25-year guarantee for all our work.


1. Drawing. Everything starts from a client’s preliminary drawing. The format of drawings you send to us makes no difference to our specialists. Hand-made preliminary drawing or photos is also acceptable. See various drawings. See various drawings mark

2. Granite shape choice. If you have no drawing, you may choose from the shape of the monument you like. See the collection of our works/See other possible shapes. mark

2015 08 03 12.05.28
2015 08 03 12.10.49
2015 08 03 12.12.54
2015 08 03 12.13.10
2015 08 03 12.13.50

Next, decide on the size of a product. Currently, our production capacity allows us to manufacture products of sizes up to 75х160cm and of different width. If you need a bigger size, do not hesitate to make an enquiry and we will find a suitable variant for you. From the year of 2016, we will be manufacturing products of sizes up to 350х180 cm.

3. Granite choice. Currently, we have approximately 7 different types of granite, though we can offer the specific range of materials for every client, depending on the client’s demand. We often bring the granite for a particular client only. See the entire granite brand choice. See all materials mark

Aurora Polished
Bohus Red Polished
Bohus Grey Polished
Hallandia Polished
Hallandia Polished
Korpi Black Polished
Korpi Black Polished
Kuru Grey Polished
Kuru Grey Polished
Vanga Polished
Vanga Polished

4. Final processing choice

4.1 Choosing final processing of the main surfaces (front and rear surfaces) of the product. In case, you require some other processing type – just ask for it!

Grey polished
Black polished
Red polished
Grey Grinded 1000
Black Grinded 1000
Red Grinded 1000
Grey Flammed
Black Flammed
Red Flammed
Grey Bushhammerd
Black Bushhummerd
Red Bushhammerd
Grey Sandblasted
Black Sandblasted
Red Sandblasted
Grey Natural Split
Black Naturalsplit
Red Natural Split

4.2 Choice of final processing – sides. We present the most popular processing types but you can request for any processing and we will try to help you!

1. Polished side
Polished side
2. Bushhummered side
Bushhummered side21
3. Flammed side
Flammed side
4. Natural split side
Natural split side
5. Natural Split Border 10x35
Natural Split Border 10x35
6. Natural split border 10x25
Natural split border 5x25
7. Natural Split Border 10x25
Natural Split Border 10x25
8. Cutted and Polished border 5x15
Cutted and Polished border 5x15
9. Special Shape Border
Special Shape Border

5. Options. . You will have to specify whether location holes and stainless steel rods are necessary. We normally provide our products with holes and rods 14mm in diameter. In addition, we have got the engraving shop so we may easily complete any order. The conditions of work with our design department are specified in every separate case as each client has his own special desires concerning the design, selection of fonts, drawings, processing depth, etc. No wonder, we are trying to create a particularly tailored catalogue for every client. See options mark


It is easy to work with us!

The reasons to work with us?

Simple as that!

  1. After receiving all information concerning the enquiry, the commercial department will prepare a price offer within 24-48 hours.
  2. After confirming the price and delivery terms with a client, we will send a proforma invoice, incl. the price of the monument, with the attached drawing. Payment shall be made pursuant to the concluded contract
  3. After a client have confirmed the drawings, we will start manufacturing the products (it takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on product complexity and availability of raw material). When the order has to be finished quickly, we may completed the order within a few days in case of approval by the client. We do that as a favour to our customers. We are always keen on helping our clients
  4. The completed monument always has to pass the quality inspection. On client’s request, we can send photos of the end product.
  5. When client makes sure in the high quality of the stone processing, products are packed on a pallet for delivery. Usually, we try to pack a few orders on one pallet as it can bear up to 0,8 ton of products. Our specialists will choose packaging correspondingly to each order, safety of products is a “must” for us and we take the utmost care for its delivery without any minor damages.
  6. Client shall receive the end products at their warehouse. Transportation normally takes 3-5 work days. We enjoy cooperation with global transport companies 

Our warehouses are constantly refilled with popular monuments.

2015 08 27 13.16.50 3

This means the faster products delivery to your warehouses. We agree with every loyal customer the standard shapes and types of monuments they would like to buy from us on a constant basis.

The experience has proved that each company have their own range of the monuments popular in their region. That is why we tend to refill our stock with the models in demand of our loyal customers. Using such stock, allows the clients to offer the most competitive delivery times in the market.

The manufacturing group GEOS NORDIC also includes

the concrete plant with metal and wood-processing shops. You may study the full range of our products in the interactive catalogues. 

See catalogs


The new product has been launched!

The product is designed for the Swedish graveyards – the Concrete vault for burying urns under the ground. The product features the following advantages:
  • Delivered ready to be installed
  • Fixed natural ventilation for normalizing humidity conditions
  • Totally enclosed vault
  • Has a top-cover 20 cm in diameter, which is easily screwed loose if necessary
  • The inside sizes 500х500х500mm, which is plenty for burying more than 10 urns.

2015 08 05 13.26.51 2015 08 05 13.27.45